Saturday, October 23, 2010


My mind is running in so many has started to sink in ...we the TEXAS RANGER FANS are going to the WORLD SERIES. The game has been over for 21/2 hours and the buzzzzzzzzzz on the radio is still going strong. The home station THE FAN that carries the games has the entire staff from all the daily shows talking in a forum and word has it , they may go all night. NEVER...NEVER...have we had baseball talk in OCTOBER, we were lucky if they ever played a meaningful game in SEPTEMBER, BUT ....I can't stop saying it, WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!! How sweet it is.

I have grown up a lifelong fan of the Oklahoma Sooners and a Houston Oiler, NOT Texan, and now Dallas Cowboy fan, BUT my passion has always been baseball. As a teenager just barely driving, I would plan trips from Oklahoma to Arlington to see THE TEXAS RANGERS. I would literally wait until they played a double header on a Saturday and a Sunday afternoon game, make the trip and usually stay in a Motel 6 ( We'll leave the lights on for you) That will probably date me with that statement. Nothing better than baseball on a warm afternoon...... did I say warm? It was usually 100 degree plus....damn hot to be more specific. I got to see the late, great Billy Martin, then managing the team by day and punching out marshmallow salesmen by night...the great Toby Harrah, Jim Sunberg......on and on. The great Charlie Hough with his goofy nuckleball, hiding in the dugout between innings sneaking a smoke. They usually lost, but it was baseball, and everyday brought a new hope.

I could talk your ears off about the Rangers, my years as an employee...from ushering to supervising speed pitch machines, to transition into the new park to phone ticket sales... Just to much to say....maybe at a later time....WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!!! Not just with BATS....we have PITCHING......GO RANGERS!!!!!

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