Thursday, September 27, 2012


    Do you remember when you were young and the circus came to town and all the excitement that was in the air, the early parade through the streets showing off the clowns, the high wire girls in their short skirts and the exotic animals such as the elephants. Oh.oh the smell of those elephants, not an easy odor to forget. SUCH is the odor of the REPLACEMENT REFEREES...Well the stench will soon be gone with the league office and the FOOTBALL CZAR, commissioner Roger Goodell at a press conference announcing the real referees will work the Thursday night football game. DAMN, about time.

     The play calling by the REPLACEMENT REFS have been a joke, a joke I say, but put yourself in the shoes of the GREEN BAY PACKERS, who were completely robbed of a game this weekend. You say, HELL, it's just a game. How about them Packers possibly finishing ONE GAME behind their division leader, or losing a tie breaker to the team that was given THEIR win last weekend and having to miss out on the playoffs. Sure glad it wasn't my team that got screwed.

    Well my friends, you got this done. Maybe not you, but possibly someone you know. I knew many who bitched and moaned about what had happened, but many others took matters into there hands. One of the players for Green Bay, their defensive stud, MATHEWS put Roger Goodell's number out on tweeter. IT BLEW UP with more than 70,000 voice mails for the league office. FANS saying no more, STOP THE REPLACEMENT CIRCUS, get the regular referees back...even Governors, Presidential Candidates and State Senators got on board and WE GOT IT DONE. Yeah for the voice of the FAN.....

   Well, this weekend will be football as usual, old familiar faces we have watched for years with the stripes on their back..those signature expressions..those distinctive moves..everything back to normal and all well in the NFL world..HELL, I just hope they get the calls right.