Thursday, August 5, 2010


WELL after all the delays, bickering, and all the LEGAL B...S... ,it is finally official this is RYAN/GREENBURG'S team and the EVIL EMPIRE of TOM HICKS is no longer in charge and we won't have to see that name associated with the team any longer. Hicks has set sports in the metroplex back years and the repercussion will probably hit the DALLAS STARS big time now. I just wish there was someway to remove his name from the STANLEY CUP. Everyone, whether you are a STARS fan or not should wish them luck and hope they get a new owner to replace the RAT HICKS.

BANKRUPTCY JUDGE said that only $75million of bid will go to the creditors. HOWEVER, he is allowing the creditors to go after Hicks other companies, since his ownership group defaulted on the loans. Wow that is great news. He probably made money from this deal, but lets hope this gets most of his money.

CUBAN, probably made out on this deal. It was reported that he bought a lot of the paper from some of the creditors, probably for mere cents on the dollar. He did succeed in driving up the price and as shrewd as he is, he made money from the deal. CUBAN is a genius at business and has made the MAVERICKS a model franchise and his name draws criticism from the league for his progressive thinking. BASEBALL, is flat out scared and intimidated by him. So in a roundabout way, THANKS MARK CUBAN!!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Day From Hell

Today has been THE DAY FROM HELL for anyone that is a TEXAS RANGER fan. To begin with TOM HICKS, owner of both the Dallas Stars and the Texas Rangers,and other sport venues, such as some obscure soccerr team in EUROPE, has been like a pimple on the butt of all sports fans in Dallas/Ft. Worth and has set the sports scene back nearly 20 years. In fact, on this day in 1993, Robin Ventura charged the mound after a pitch from Nolan Ryan, and what has become one of the most famous photographs in baseball, Nolan has Ventura in a headlock and is punching the crap out of him. IF ONLY NOLAN COULD USE THAT TECHNIQUE TODAY!!!

The group of Dallas Maverick Owner Mark Cuban/ Houston Businessman Jim Crane and the GROUP WHO THOUGHT THEY ALREADY OWNED THE RANGERS, Nolan Ryan/Pittsburg Sports Attorney Chuck Greenburg, gathered for AUCTION of the TEXAS RANGERS at the US BANKRUPTCY COURT in Ft. Worth. This is what it has come down to, a bidding war , winner getting the RANGERS. The real losers in all this could be the FANS. Nolan is a basball legend and current president of the club and deserves alot of the credit for all the success the club is having this season. Let's just say THE FIRST PLACE TEXAS RANGERS. They have been winning with money restraints all season. I can't believe how well they have been playing with all the crap that is going on around them. OH YEAH.....How about Ron Washington for Manager of the Year!! In preseason we were just looking to see how long it would be before he is fired after the off season drug problems.Who the hell knows what, who...anything about the future of this club. TO borrow a line from former Dallas Cowboy Coach BARRY SWITZER..."JUST WIN BABY" For those interested in the outcome of the bid, it may go on into the night. As I write, nothing final. Check your paper or electronic sources tomorrow for the WINNER.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I hope if you are upset, pissed-off, or if you just flat out disagree with my thoughts, you let me know. Sooner or later, I will be wrong about something; just hasn't happened so far... THAT I AM AWARE OF!!!

RIGHT UP FRONT, I must tell you I am a DIE HARD SOONER FAN.....have been for nearly 50 yrs. and god willing another 10..20..hopefully 30 years. My calculator isn't handy, so I can't tell how old that would make me. Being from Oklahoma, OSU is....SO,SO. Let's just say my second favorite school in Oklahoma. NOW talking pro teams.....DALLAS COWBOYS ......TEXAS RANGERS. How about those FIRST PLACE RANGERS!!!!!!

TODAY...I'm indirectly talking about the SOONERS by way of the DALLAS COWBOYS. Try to keep up. I'm a Barry Switzer fan, bigtime, and care very little for Jimmy Johnson and his hair. Jimmy Johnson is given this title of a great Cowboy coach that should have THREE SUPERBOWL WINS in a row, but Jerry Jones' ego got in the way and Jimmy left. Jerry said any one of 100 people could coach that team to a SUPER BOWL WIN. Well Jimmy got his panties all in a wad and left. In steps Barry Switzer and wins a SUPER BOWL, thus you say, Jerry Jones was right. Give Barry a little credit will you, he didn't rock the boat, players actually enjoyed the game, and it gave Jimmy something to bitch about.

You do understand, their is plenty of past history betweem JIMMY and BARRY... JIMMY was the coach at OSU at the same time Barry coached OU. Barry used to beat him like a drum every year and considering the fact that Jimmy couldn't beat him with Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas in the same backfield, speaks volumes. Oh yeah, Barry is a flake, and when he did his weekly shows on radio while he was the Dallas coach, the local hosts of The Ticket did the over and under on how many "hells" and "damn its" he would use during his show. It was almost always OVER. You could always count on a few references to Billy Simms, The Boz, and the Selmon brothers. He was never known as a disciplinarian, however his players loved him and played their butts off for him. He was one of the boys, and would just as likely be out drinking beer with his players....unfortunately, that was the case with his college players TOO. Oh well, I didn't say he was perfect.

My take on JIMMY'S success as the DALLAS COWBOY coach goes a long way with all the players and draft picks the COWBOYS received from the VIKINGS in the Herschel Walker trade. Hell, they got enough players to field a decient team. I bet JIMMY still sends Herschel a thank you note in his Christmas Card every year.

Well folks this is how it is going to be, so let me have your best shot...agree with me...tell me I am crazy as hell...or make your own case. BOOMER SOONER!! GO RANGERS!!! Later...........