Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well, we are full blown into the National Football playoffs...and I have little interest. You might say, I DON'T HAVE A DOG IN THE HUNT. There just isn't a team I am all PSYCHED UP about. I would say there are more teams that I am rooting for too lose than those to win. Who do I think will win it all....NEW ENGLAND..who do I think shouldn't be there at this point...SEATTLE, and today they will be exposed as the frauds that they are. Their coach has stayed a step ahead of all NCAA investigations while at USC and jumped back into the NFL...where he failed before and will again. He will soon be out of options and may slink back to college or maybe below that to the high school ranks. Enough about Pete Carroll...

I am ready for PITCHERS and CATCHERS to hit camp and get the great game of BASEBALL rolling. I'm not sure if the TEXAS RANGERS helped themselves in the off season, did enough to improve the team or HAVE DONE A BACKWARDS SLIDE.... I like the defensive improvement..and as usual Micheal Young as been asked to make a position change, and as usual MR. TEXAS RANGER has done so gracefully. They are running out of positions to move him to, so possibly next off season we could see him in the BULLPEN!!! Sorry, I know that was stupid.

We have generated some excitement with the new ballpark big screen that will be featured this season. I have heard that it's HD resolution will be better than that of the GIANT SCREEN at COWBOY STADIUM... just not as large. This information comes courtesy of the great Chuck Morgan, stadium voice of the ballpark. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

Well this is short and just an expression of my thoughts about NFL...BASEBALL... and let's not forget that the OKLAHOMA SOONERS are preseason NUMBER 1 in college football. WELL... I guess not all is bad. BOOMER SOONER..........

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