Sunday, September 26, 2010


WELL ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD...THE COWBOYS GOT A WIN!!! The talk in Dallas this week on talk shows and on network sports was about the firing of Wade Phillips after the Texan game win or lose. The source was a blog writter out of CANADA OF ALL PLACES. If not for the cheap touchdown after the game is REALLY over, the COWBOYS would have pitched a shutout of sorts, giving up only field goals to the high powered TEXAN OFFENSE...joke... The defense of the COWBOYS, coached by WADE PHILLIPS KICKED THEIR COLLECTIVE BUTTS. Wade will live to coach another day, or should I say another DALLAS COWBOY GAME!!

SEPTEMBER 25....WHAT A DAY.....!!!

Today...will be short but sweet. Being a SOONER fan, was a good day, but seeing the LONGHORNS get beating Sooooooooo badly by UCLA, does my heart good. I have a soft spot in my heart for COLT McCOY, because he is a good kid and I wish him nothing but good things in the NFL. I think eventually he will rise to the top because he truly is a talent. THE HORNS TEAM as a whole , we'll see them next week in the best college football game in college football...OKLAHOMA/TEXAS ..SHOOT-OUT... in the COTTONBOWL!!!! We better enjoy this atmosphere....because like everything else in sports in will end up being played in the.... JERRY DOME. OH YEAH....."HOW ABOUT THOSE TEXAS RANGERS....WESTERN CHAMPS. BRING ON THE YANKEES !!!!!!!!!! :

Sunday, September 12, 2010


All is well with the world. The Texas Rangers have just SWEPT the NEW YORK YANKEES. The Oklahoma Sooners won a meaningful game against a ranked team and hopefully the COWBOYS WIN ONE TONIGHT!!!!! It was sooooooo nice to beat the Yankees, espically with the prospects of playing them in the playoffs. This should give them something to think about in post season. I sure hope CLIFF LEE is back with a strong BACK. I know the Rangers have been playing like crap, but the good thing is, NO ONE ELSE WANTS OUR DIVISION........Our only playoff experience in club history is against the Yankees and they always kick our asses. This is a new year and the best RANGERS team ever. Leave Josh Hamilton on the bench to get completely healthy, so he can carry us down the stretch run. Nelson Cruzzzzzzz as hot as any player in the American League......V. Guerroro's bat is back to life.....I. Kinsler and D. Murphy are healthy and having timely hits. CJ Wilson will round back into shape... WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU EVER HEARD SOOOOOOO MUCH ABOUT THE TEXAS RANGERS with THE COWBOYS ALREADY PLAYING GAMES. ......NEVER IS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!